Pro wrestling is a constant revolving machine, evolving every year with the world’s latest technology, fads, and athletes. Squared Circle Live is determined to become the leading trendsetter in the world of professional wrestling.

In 2014, we will introduce the Premier Point System, a calculated ranking list to determine who is truly the best pound for pound Squared Cirlce Live competitor. Each match will be fought for certain amount of points with the goal to be at the top of the Point System, earning a number one contendership match.

Points vary depending on how a match is won or loss. Champions will obtain no points as they are defending their title but if they lose their championship, their record is reset back to zero.

Premier Point System

Result Points (win) Points (loss)
Pinfall -3 +3
Submission -4 +4
Draw 0 0
Disqualification (DQ) -5 +2
Versus Guest Opponent -3 +3
  • Interference: -10 points

The Premier Point System will take effect immediately on February 16, 2014 at the Adrenaline Cup in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. All sanctioned tournament and non-tournament matches will abide by the point system.


What happens during a draw?
Any match that goes to a draw will have a one-minute break. Following the break, there will be a sudden death round with a 5-minute time limit. If no winner is decided by the end of five minutes, then a two-out-of-three falls match with no time limit will be ushered at the following event to determine which wrestler will obtain the points.
Will matches still be competed under regular rules?
Yes. Regular rules still apply. The only changes made is how our matches are officiated. During every match, there will be two licensed referees, one inside of the ring and one outside. That way if there’s any confusion about the conclusion of the match, there’s an extra referee to give their input. The referees have 100% control over the final decision of the match.
What about tag teams?
Tag teams will fall under the same point system, just in their own division. Tag team wrestlers cannot be a part of the singles division and single wrestlers cannot be apart of the tag team division.
What will happen when there’s a street fight, tables match etc?
Matches like street fights, tables match etc will fall under unsanctioned rules. Unsanctioned matches are agreed between two competitors, the official and a Squared Circle Live representative. These matches are not supported by the organization and will not count towards the Premier Point System.

Got any questions? Shoot us a line at [email protected] and we’ll answer them.